Never change a winning team.

Serial music producer and composer Helena Lind and world-class keyboardist and arranger Mike Taylor are teaming up again to create The Sound of Destinosophy in Glastonbury/UK.

“After 30 years of being a studio production team as well as friends we are going back to our old tricks to bring about the first album, inspired by Destinosophy.” says Lind.

Orchestral sound specialist Mike Taylor was more than happy to help Helena to open windows to the worlds of Destinosophy via his other expertise – Electronica and Progressive House.

Mike recalls: “I’ve been inspired by Helena’s philosophy of destiny for so many years now. I remember vividly, how she used to talk about her Agent of Destiny idea when we were working in the studio back in the 80s. She said: ‘One day we are going to produce the soundtrack for Agent of Destiny’. And, she was right.”

Watch this space for updates.