The Cosmic Brand

The Cosmic Brand


Destiny, fate, fortune and choice.

Important, eternal topics in yesterday’s and today’s world.

We encounter them everywhere - the driving force behind mythologies, classic masterpieces, and, many popular fantasy novels and movies.

  • The chosen one

  • The hero’s journey

  • The maiden destined to save the world

Or, meeting a lover, not by chance, but because it was written in the stars.

Great, right?

And then, we also find the concepts and principles of fate and destiny arbitrarily connected to dogmatic laws and rules.

Not great.

Are we ignoring facts like these, that

  • we may not be destined to worship anyone dogma or direction

  • we may not be destined to just serve beneath one maker or ethereal being

  • we are definitely not destined to reject the truth and non-dependent empowerment

  • we are destined to seek our fortune and understand the greater context of it?

In fact, if we are just following the pied pipes of power games and ulterior motifs, we’ll never be privy to knowing what our own destiny is.

What happens if we are not breaking out from prescribed paths and walk towards our personally chosen and our given destination instead?

We’ll end up with clipped wings.

Unlike in sagas and stories, we rarely get to hear the prophecy created at our birth.

There’s no ancient stone table to tell us what choice we need to make.

Is it this? Is it that?

Is it something that we will ever actually understand?

The art of dealing with the verity of destiny is to pick up life’s gifts and gauntlets, close your eyes and dance.

Always remember:

  • Dogma is a man-made concept

  • Destiny is eternity’s brand

The cosmic force.

Despite what some might lead you to believe, the two don’t necessarily connect. There may be a lot of wisdom and benevolence in some dogmatic beliefs.

However, their entitlement is neither desirable, nor divine.

There’s a gap, as long and wide as the Grand Canyon; as challenging to breach as the gap between reality and the world featured in a fantasy blockbuster.

At times, our views might walk on the edge of that canyon, but they’re hardly ever able to indeed cross over it, or even to slip into it.

  • Dogma talks the talk

  • Destiny walks the walk

In my book, destiny is the ultimate source.

And dogma? A man-made extension, hopefully benign and humane.

Humans – well, we’re desperate at times.

We want to find validation. We want to hear that we’re making the right choice.

So we seek for an easy kind of destiny, as if it’s a frog that can be caught from a pond and stared at in a glass, and pretended to be our possession.

Sometimes, we think that we’ve made it onto our destined path.

Believing that can make you feel better. It can make you feel like you’re finally ready to face down the world, and defend your beliefs, decisions, and thought processes.

But what if it isn’t your destined path, just a dogmatic direction you could not help yourself to follow?

What is the truth?

Maybe, our reality it’s just one more concept that we’re chasing after in an attempt to calm our constantly spinning mind.

Maybe, the invisible is more real than anything else we perceive as factual knowledge?

Try looking back. And then follow your path so far through the lens of retrospective.

There is something.

Can you hear it?

Now, turn around, close your eyes and behold what lies ahead.

Can you see your destiny already?

To be continued. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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