Love and Destiny

Love and Destiny

Destinosophy on Love and Destiny - the perfect match.

Destinosophy on Love and Destiny - the perfect match.

By and large, we live in a society that takes advantage of its spiritual roots. Okay! Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes, when something bad happens in our lives, it might not be-all or the end-all of situations, but it seems like a stopping point for us.

The keys are lost.
We can’t locate our wallet.
There’s a problem at work, and if it doesn’t get fixed, we’ll be written up.

And our first instinct is to think – oh, please, don’t let this happen. If there’s anyone, anything out there, don’t let this happen.

Most times, we aren’t reaching out towards any specific deity. We feel, that we are just speaking to anything or anyone that will listen. Even if invisible.

We‘re talking to Destiny.

And it is even more prevalent when it comes to our romantic relationships. Our thoughts go:

Please let this work out.
Please let her be the one.
Please let us stay together.
Please let her truly love me.
Please don‘t let him leave me.
Please let us take care of each other.

The wish list goes on, seemingly forever. And what is the bottom line at the end of all those wishes, prayers, and hopes?

I don’t want to be alone.

It’s not just you. Everyone has that thought, at least once in a while. We’re naturally drawn to companionship. It’s something that makes us feel better on a level that we can’t really explain, and that we don’t always like to acknowledge.

It’s why so many of us love the idea of owning pets – cats and dogs can offer us that same sort of companionship, and often help fill the void that comes from being on our own.

We don’t like being alone.

Humans just do not want to feel alone. We love being around others. Even for those of us that have problems with anxiety and depression, we still want to be around others on some level. It helps with our mood, and it helps with our general mindset.

So it just makes sense that so many of us want to find something more than just companionship between a friend or a pet.

We want to love, and we want to be loved.

We seek to find a deeper level of companionship, where we can go home after a hard day at work and fall into the arms of someone that truly and utterly loves us, that cares for us enough to listen to every last worry, complaint, and desperate bid to make life bend to our whims and to whom we can hear the same from.

When we manifest that thought, unconscious, unbidden, it’s from a space so deep within, that, often, it can hardly be recognized. Our soul is missing pieces, and it’s crying out for something – for someone – to come and help fill up that void.

We’re missing our soulmate.

Or how I prefer to call them, our destined love.

We want our significant other to show up, and help soothe the ache that comes with not feeling whole. And I’m going to give you a little bit of information on what that entails…both the ache, the remedy, and the joy that finally comes with finding your destined love.

There is the power of life and death in destined love, in eros and in romance.

You are destined for impact, and you have the ability to shape your future by living knowingly and woke right now. Just consider my theory of Agents of Destiny.

It might be a concept that you’re not familiar with, but, hopefully, it’s a concept that you’re trying to find out more about here on Destinosophy. I mean to say, that in large and small contexts, we are all playing out destiny’s hand in real life.

And, as is always the case, in every aspect of the world, some people are granted a larger role than others.

And then there are my Agents of Destiny.

Now, they don’t always wear black, but they do know the world around us better than most other beings.

Agents of Destiny are people who have been chosen, or who qualify to be destiny’s hand on this planet.

They’re bringing about change in people for the better. Sometimes, these agents are meant to bring about necessary dynamics to the course of time, history, and love.

I know – you’re thinking what’s so important that love would be included in that list? But the simple fact is this – our world wouldn’t exist without love. We wouldn’t have the drive to push onwards if it weren’t for the fact that we were trying to do better for others.

Love isn’t something that you can just explain in two or three words. Many good dictionaries tried their luck.

Noun – an intense feeling of deep affection.
Noun – a person or thing that one loves.
Verb – feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

Trying to boil it down to the bare bones of the thought, but dry descriptors just can’t quite reach the mark.

See, love isn’t just a jumble of words. Often, it’s not something that can be explained.

It’s a feeling deep within you, a budding burst of affection and energy and warmth. These feelings make you want to do better so that you can create a better world for that special person, or those around you.

As such, when an Agent of Destiny is about to better the world around them, it can be for their loved one, or humanity, an unstoppable force is created.

They are loved by destiny – they have a path stretched out before them, a path that they cannot help but walk down, helping to shape life and history into something worthy. They are sent by destiny.

But I digress; let us return to Love and Destiny.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the more well documented cases of loved ones who were destined to meet, and, how to figure out whether we have true love written in the book of our providence, and how to tell when we have met our destined love or Agent of Destiny for the heart, along with other interesting tidbits that might help you figure out exactly what path you’re going to take.

I’ve mentioned once, that it’s a particularly prevalent event for us to ignore our spiritual world in the wake of the modern day era. After all, there’s a lot going on! We have computers, the internet, mobiles, mainstream media, and the ever popular appearance of our celebrity icons or famous couples.

Do you know if some of them are ‘destined lovers’?

Simply put that means ‚just meant to be together‘. It’s like the cast of Supernatural – a group of men and women that have formed familial, platonic and, in some cases, romantic bonds that seem straight out of a dream.

Which begs the question, exactly what is a ‘destined lover’?

Well, anyone with a soul can have a soul family. Now, a soul family is a group of other souls who come into our lives for a particular reason. Sometimes, it’s a member of your blood family. Sometimes, it’s a friend or a lover that you were meant to meet from the start.

A beautiful ideal.

See, when two souls encounter each other in their lives, the friction between their feelings, and their interactions, create a specific kind of energy. This energy can manifest in more than one way. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to discuss the specific energy field that creates a sense of déjà vu.

At times in our lives, we will encounter someone with a soul that clicks with ours in such a specific, natural way that it seems as though we’ve known them for years. That’s because we may just have.

Now, before I give you different types of soul relationships that you might encounter in your life, I want to talk to you about some famous people that you might have seen in a special connection.

Extraordinary love is especially prevalent in the couples of the past.

One such example would be Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, who had such a strong, albeit destructive connection, that the energy could be seen in every picture taken together. This couple is famous for getting married, divorced, and then meeting back up again for a second marriage. They loved each other even more than it was good for them. Hence they had to part.

When destined lovers cannot be at one and have to separate, they won’t stop being devoted to each other in their heats and souls.

It’s said that no matter where was in the world, at five in the afternoon, without fail, Paul Newman would call his wife, Joanne Woodward.

Or take Nancy and Ronald Reagan, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi, or even Jensen and Danneel Ackles.

The connection between these people goes far beyond the usually forced romanticism found within mainstream media. In fact, they hold a union that can be seen within their televised interviews, their pictures, a connection that cannot be ignored or comprehended.

We see their love, and we seek out a version of that in our own lives. While the chaos that ensues today’s celebrities’ constantly changing lives might be more interesting in terms of news articles and magazine covers, it’s really those celebrities with such obvious connections – clearly visible soul bonds – that we can’t help but try to look for such traits within our personal lives.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan especially lived and shared an entwined destiny.

But what about soul mates and destined lovers that aren’t in the spotlight?

It’s not that magazines, the big screen and television are the only reason we have access to these seemingly destined couples. In fact, there are plenty of cases of concrete and irrefutable soulmates and destined lovers in the pages of our history books.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, Juba and Selene, Emperor Augustus and Livia – these are just a few examples of real-life and legendary destined lovers.

Do you know that many scholars and romantics have coined Napoléon Bonaparte’s letters to his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais the most romantic in all of history? They were enraptured with each other from the very start and quickly fell into a whirlwind romance that has been known through the ages.

Ever since I left you, I have been sad. I am only happy when by your side. Ceaselessly I recall your kisses, your tears, your enchanting jealousy; and the charms of the incomparable Joséphine keep constantly alight a bright and burning flame in my heart and senses.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon often referred to Josephine as his soulmate. And Josephine loved him deeply, albeit in the beginning it wasn’t easy for her to just be true to him alone. She was a very, very popular lady.

And, though they would eventually find themselves divorced from each other, it was Josephine’s name that was the last word Napoleon ever uttered.

Then there were Juba and Selene, who may not have swapped romantic letters but are hailed as being from a love-story that spanned the ages, that spanned even time.

They were children from ill-fated heritages, neither destined to take the throne and both somewhat lost within their own lives. As children, both Juba and Selene had been marched as chained prisoners in a Roman triumphal parade.

Both had also been pardoned, fostered by Augustus and his soulmate Livia, and reared to adulthood as nominal members of the imperial family.

We must recall that in the world of imperial politics, love seldom played a role in marriage–and if it did, it often had disastrous results. And yet there are few scholars who can deny, through the inscriptions, coinage, and texts discovered over the years, that these two lovers were written.

There are countless examples of this type of deep, passionate, all-consuming, yet ultimately challenging type of love throughout real history. Hundreds of examples of this passionate, destined type of love can also be found throughout our legends and even our religious texts.

Some would argue that King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba were soul lovers. They cite the tale of the Queen of Sheba’s visits to King Solomon; which has undergone extensive Ethiopian, Jewish, and Islamic elaborations.

This has actually become the subject of one of the most widespread cycles of legends.

And King Solomon gave to the queen of Sheba all that she desired, whatever she asked besides what was given her by the bounty of King Solomon.

Others prefer to avoid texts of a religious nature. They seek out evidence of destined love within mythological texts, and stories from the Arthurian era.

There is also the love story of Robin Hood and Lady Marian.

Now, there’s some debate as to whether these wonderful protagonists are based in truth or not, but there’s no real argument as to whether or not they were completely meant for each other.

And yet, even these time-proven soulmates had to face problems. It seems that every great love is tasked with an obstacle that must be overcome. I think that brings up an interesting question:

If we’re destined for each other, why isn’t love easy?

People often assume that when you find one of these destined, soulmates-like relationships, that it will be easier than other types of relationships. We like to expect this because of the closeness of friendship likely found with this person, the depth of connection one feels with ‘the one’ and, so often described similarities that create such vivid energy.

But the simple truth is that when passions are stirred, these sparks can become raging flames.

Such deep caring, connection, and passion can also mean hot tempers, sometimes obsessive demeanors, and demanding behavior.

This is known as the dark history of love, and can easily be highlighted in the tale of Lancelot and Guinevere.

One of the greatest knights of the Round Table was known as Lancelot. He was loyal, wise, strong, and kind. But, clandestinely, he was also in love with the Queen, Guinevere.

The stories that wrap around these brave knights are countless. In one, we learn of Demoiselle d’Escalot, who fell in love with Lancelot and, when the feeling was unreturned, died of a supposed broken heart.

And, in another, we learn of Lancelot’s love for Guinevere, and how it eventually became his demise. Their adulterous relationship was based off on emotional turmoil and affection that shouldn’t have been acted upon.

And their love set fire to the world around them.

I know that this is something we still face in modern day life. We’ve all had eyes, if not ideas for someone that we really should not be crushing on.

That’s just one reason why challenging, demanding, draining, passionate, intense, painful, haunting, and addictive are all ways that we can describe the nature of soul mates.

Sometimes, like with the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, love comes easy, and it comes without strife. Other times, such as with the two women who loved Sir Lancelot so thoroughly, it can create a whirlwind of passion that borders on dangerous.

What’s that old saying again?

Love ain’t easy, folks.

And destined relationships aren’t, either. But they are always worth it.

It was worth it to the Norse Gods Freya and Odin, who would fight both at each other’s side and for each other’s name countless times during their reign.

It was worth it to the Greek gods Ares and Aphrodite, who risked ridicule and adulterous notions to be with each other.

And it is always worth it to Hathor, mistress of the west, who is hailed as being one of the most important goddesses of Egypt, and who was worshipped by royalty and commoners alike.

As Bob Marley is famous for saying:

Everyone is going to hurt you. It’s just about trying to find that one person worth suffering for.

And, of course, you must also find the one person who is willing to suffer for you in turn. Like every relationship, destined lovers must learn to grow within their sphere. Neither partner will be able to remain as they were prior to the relationship. Age, illness, tragedy can get a hold of anyone, anytime.

Extraordinary love looks beyond. Destined love grows even stronger when challenged.

Because, as detailed above, extraordinary, destined love rarely comes easy to begin with. Trials and tribulations are part and parcel, so, if the going gets tough later, it won’t spook a destined lover.

It often also doesn’t come easy for those who are in the limelight of modern-day fame, even if it seems so, and it didn’t come easy for those from times of olde, and it will not come easy for you.

But let me again tell you this:

It’s worth it.

And when you find that one love, you will know, deep down, that you must do everything in your power to hold onto it. That, of course, leads us to question: how do we know?

How do we find that in our own lives? Well, again, it’s actually not that easy. You see, love is more than just romance and erotica. It’s something that is meant to be an all-encompassing part of our lives.

It’s something that is supposed to be high as well as hot; it’s meant to be strong as well as tender.

The relationship that ignites a spark within our soul is more than just a few quickly typed up text messages and heart-shaped emoji’s. Or a one night stand. Extraordinary, destined love takes time.

It’s more than any other relationship that we have been involved in. Now, first, you should know that there’s more than one form of destined love. There are soul friends, who are akin to siblings born into another family, who will have your back no matter the situation.

We’ve all seen that by-now internet famous post – tag someone that you would go to jail with after a Friday night out. Ring any bells? That’s a cute basic example of a soul friend. They’re someone that, while neither of you are romantically involved with the other, you would do the unthinkable for.

There are even soul teachers, who are meant to guide us through life. And often, they do not tell us what we want to hear. It’s within these realms that we seek out our destined partner, our very own Agent of Destiny, and the missing pieces to our heart.

If I’ve caught your interest, and you want to learn more, please read on.

Do we have extraordinary love written in the book of our providence?

Maybe. Yes, you read that right. Maybe.

Everyone wants to find that one person that connects with their soul so utterly and completely, the feel whole again. They want to meet the Agent of Destiny that completes our heart, that fits together with our own soul so utterly, it’s obvious that we have met them before, in a different life.

Lovers bound to meet each other, playing out the hand that destiny has given twice over – three times over – an endless loop through which we can meet each other, time and again, through which we can be whole.

There is always that one soul out there, waiting for us. But that doesn’t mean we are always meant to find our Agent of Destiny within every life cycle. See, our path is always twining, twisting, and changing. That’s what it means to have a soul, after all.

And…we make our own decisions. We walk down a road that is paved by destiny, but often also defined by us, since we do have a say in it, and we often action our directions.

As such, there are going to be times and lives where we simply don’t meet our destined love. Or we do, and still, we cannot be together.

Destined love exists. It maybe waiting for you close by, it may be far, but just a few life beats away. Or a whole life time. One day, in this sphere or in the next, you’ll happen.

In the end, it’s all going to have been worth it.

And, being true lovers in destiny, also means that each of you know that you do not need the other to complete yourself.

Because destined love goes further - you are both dedicated to bring out the best in each other and, to be always complete - together or apart - as each of you are.

No matter what.

Absolutely worth it. Mark my word.

We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.
-Carl Jung

Are you an Agent of Destiny?

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