Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare


The world we live in is not often a pleasant one.

Especially not for countless animals.

Our planet is littered with poverty, disease, and unjustified damage to the very ecosystem that we rely on. And yet, there is hope. Humans are starting to wake up. Their eyes are finally beginning to clear.

For the first time in far too many years, we are finally beginning to realize that all is not right in the world. Many of us look for change – they turn to social media and they start up their own groups, trying to bring focus to the problems that plague the world as a whole. And go Vegan, or at least, Vegetarian.

But we, alone, are not the only ones suffering

In these dark times, the very animals that once stood strong at our side are also falling victim to their own woes. Unlike a human, they cannot stand up and form protests, nor can they look their owner in the eye and ask why?

Help for them can only be found through those willing to offer it. Most cases of animal abuse go unreported. The suffering of most animals goes unrecognized. It is not just the dogs forced to fight or the cats bred without end. It is the poultry wedged in cages too small for their feathered bodies, often never seeing the light of day. It is the horse left in a dirt field, with no hay, no feed, and filthy water. It is those who have been struck by harsh hands, and those who have been locked away and forgotten by the world as a whole.

It is the dawn of the Founders generation and the rise of the Millenial’s generation.

And yet, there are still thousands of cases being taken to court. In 2014, there were nearly one hundred and sixty thousand cases reported. And in 2015, seven thousand more were added to that number. But the problem is, there are far more cases than that.

This is where you step in

And this is where your family, your friends, and your neighbors could step in. Animals cannot bring voice to their own suffering, but you can do it for them. Do not choose to sit idle while beloved pets are abandoned, hoarded, and sent to fight in unorthodox rings. Do not keep your eyes peeled only towards the cats or the small dogs. Look for the pit bulls tied out in a yard with no shade; a horse whose halter has begun to dig into the curves of its face; a pet store where the animals are laden down with fleas and gunked over eyes.

And when you see these, take up your phone. Call, not just a local shelter, but two of them. Phone into the local newspaper, bring attention to these cruel acts on your blog or Facebook page.

Animals don’t have a voice, and they cannot run for help. We must act as both for them, no matter species, breed, or size.

An Agent of Destiny stands up for animals.

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