What Helena does next


As the foundation for Destinosophy Magazine is laid and the site is getting crawled by Google & Co the time has come to complete the next steps. Web-wise we're looking forward to really getting cracking and shouting Destinosophy! from mid-January 2019 when campaigns and all kinds of PR are now set to start kicking in.

After quite challenging months I'll gladly turn away from all things web and business now, shake off the stress, prevail and do what I have to do. My protegees may rejoice. It's official.

From next week I shall focus entirely on finalizing Destiny Loves You.

Telling the story so far.

I've been writing Agent of Destiny since December 1993. Believe me, you don't want to see nor wade through the heaps of notebooks, manuscripts, and slips of paper covered in my hieroglyphs. Not to mention the digital files. The image herewith does not represent the lovely chaos on my desk and in my study.

Now that everything is in place and my publisher is growing a bit impatient for the final touches to Destiny Loves You, it's time to revisit my manuscript and the compilations of notes and thoughts.

I will check in here for occasional updates.

Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting Destinosophy. More soon.

And never forget:

Where and when - there and then.

Helena Lind, Glastonbury, 30 October 2018

EditorialHelena Lind