There’s Magic in Forgiveness


Forgive and forget

It’s something that we’re told during childhood and expected, not just to understand, but to follow up with and obey throughout our lives. Forgive and forget. It’s a lesson that we’re given by family, teachers, and friends. As you’re wronged, take a deep breath, and then move on.

Of course, most of the time, this is a far more difficult task then we’re led to believe by the blasé phrasing; you’re hurt and aching, uncertain of where you stand now in your friendship, uncertain of how you even view yourself. Society has taught you that it’s wrong to hold grudges, no matter how great the crime dealt against you, but they offer no help in trying to get over whatever foul words were thrown your way.

It’s not easy

It will never be easy. Emotions are as tricky as Mother Nature herself; granting the earth with sunny days one moment, and a torrential downpour the next.

But, for a moment, forget about what society expects from you. Just take in a deep breath, and think. Hold your grudge, even if just for a moment. Does it make you feel any better? Is your soul at peace? Nope. Sorrow and anger still bite at the back of your teeth, trying to force their way into the world in the form of retribution. Oh, would that not feel wonderful?

Nemesis, where are you?

Insults and arguments rage in your mind, keeping you from giving your whole focus to the far more important tasks at hand. Your heart still aches. Exhaustion clings to your frame. Breathe in. Think of the hurts that have been placed on you. Are they so severe, you’re willing to feel like this forever, just so you aren’t the one stepping forward first? It’s highly unlikely that they are. And, anyway, it’s not worthy of a good destiny to hold on to grudges and start vendettas.

So breathe out, and let the twisted and vile emotions vanish into the world around you. Remember that lesson from your childhood: forgive and forget. Remember it, and listen to it – not to ease away society’s fear of upheaval, but to quell the crashing of your own spirit.

In the long run, forgiveness can serve as a balm stronger than any other. You might still hurt, but you’ll know that at least you tried to be the better person; to step up and go, it’s okay, even when you weren’t certain that it ever would be. And as you do, know that it’s not just your own hurts being healed, but the fears and worries of the one that is being forgiven. Agents of Destiny always strive to understand. And to forgive. It’s what makes us great.

Forgiveness brings peace and freedom.

And it takes you above and beyond this sometimes small world.

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