How to be an Agent of Destiny


In my book, there are five clear traits for an Agent of Destiny.

Someone who is striving for change, someone who is striving to create a better future, not just for themselves, but for the world around them. Someone who knows who and what they are.

One of the first traits, and arguably the most important, is that of having been born with a clear vision. They must be able to accurately see themselves and the end result of their life’s assignment, and they must be able to communicate this easily with others. If they change the path to reach their vision too often or too suddenly, it might scare away others who were interested in joining them and helping strive towards that important purpose.

Next, an Agent of Destiny must be patient and persistent. Rome was neither built, nor destroyed in a day, and change will not happen overnight. You must live your cause in a way that makes it seem important to people, and one that might spread out a broader meaning. Persistence will come when others start to waver. Without immediate results, those in support of your idea will come and go. It’s only by standing strong in the face of adversity that will you be able to convince others to do the same.

Once you have established yourself as a burgeoning Agent of Destiny, you must be willing to ask the tough questions. People will try to tell you why you’re wrong. They’re going to say why they disagree with you. It is up to you to prove otherwise; counter with an answer that’s proving the moral value of your question. Keep asking these questions until people start to ask them, too.

Understand that strong relationships are built on trust.

Above all, you cannot be an important Agent of Destiny if you go back in your word. Even if your path gets twisted and difficult, never give up. Strive onwards, because that is what you told others you would do, and it’s what you want others to do. Be approachable and reliable. People will not want to grow and establish themselves as another agent of change if they do not trust the person that is pushing for the change to happen. Things must be straightforward and easy to understand, even when your message is a difficult and challenging one.

Lead others by example, for else, you risk losing touch with the ones you are helping, and those trying to help your cause reach existence. If you want to create destined change, you have to, not only be able to explain what it looks like, you have to be able to show others what it looks like.

Agents of Destiny have no off switch, and they have not much off time. Or peace. They create harmony, opportunity, challenges, peace. They are not on the receiving end. No need for that. They forge ever onwards, no matter how rocky the waters might become. Sent to bring about what’s right and what’s meant to be.

Are you an Agent of Destiny?

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