Gods of Destiny


The mythical power of Destiny was said to be spear headed by several divine emanations of incredible abilities and might.

Gods of Destiny: You may have heard the word ‘destiny’ countless times – this word is commonly used in songs and films to tell a story about an inescapable future. You might have even used it a couple of times when you tried to explain a seemingly impossible or absurd scenario that you have been in. But what does this word even mean, and where did it come from? Destiny came from the Latin word ‘destinare’ which means ‘to establish or to make firm’.

Soon, it acquired an Old French form ‘destinee’, which is much closer to the word you are familiar with now. Looking at this etymology, the word destiny is commonly used to refer to events that occur as they happen with finality. Take a look at another relative term, destination – as this word occurs to you, you understand that this word means a specific location that you arrive at. As a dictionary term, you get the idea that destiny as a concept is largely about getting from one point to another.

When you understand this concept metaphysically and try to rationalise it, you understand that the better question is how this specific “arrival” should happen. Just like the concept of transport and being located in a specific place and time, you attempt to rationalise how you make that decision to arrive at a particular place and experience the things that you do. However, reason may also lead you into thinking that your decisions may have been influenced by forces that you do not completely understand.

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EditorialHelena Lind