And so we are live

Helena Lind here, over at Destinosophy Magazine. I'm just checking in to praise those great heroes of code, who helped me bringing from idea to now online reality. We are Live. Thank you so much, Chris James / TFZ Group, Andreas Kesler / webagens Internetagentur, and Tanvir Rahman Hridoy / Wordpress expert.

I am looking forward to expanding Destinosophy with you.

Still, early days though, working tirelessly behind the scenes to create a user-friendly, seamless and pleasant experience for our readers. All in good time.

Because we are Live!

Where and when - there and then.

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Destinosophy is a unique online portal and magazine – the gateway to the spheres of ancient and modern destiny. The goal is clear: to help others by offering a path for the relevance of destiny to reach every corner of the world.

Helena Lind is the leading mind behind Destinosophy. She is also the author of two upcoming books: Destiny Loves You and Agent of Destiny. Lind created Destinosophy as an island on the screen... Read more about Destinosophy >

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