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This is Destinosophy

Welcome to our unique magazine and transformative web portal. Meet Helena Lind, Destinosophy's creator, and discover her living philosophy of ancient and modern destiny.


Are you an Agent of Destiny?

Why, hello there! You have found for a reason. Could this be the place you’ve been looking for all your life? It may be high time to discover and reveal your true significance, don't you think?


Empathy or Melancholy?

Can you feel too much? The answer is yes. That’s it. It’s that simple. You can feel too much. But in what way? As in empathy?  Or as in melancholy? It’s some times called being highly empathic. Some people liken it to...


What Helena does next

As the foundation for Destinosophy Magazine is laid and the site is getting crawled by Google & Co the time has come to complete the next steps. Web-wise we’re looking forward to really getting cracking and...

And so we are live

Helena Lind here, over at Destinosophy Magazine. I’m just checking in to praise those great heroes of code, who helped me bringing from idea to now online reality. We are Live. Thank you so much...


Mythology and Destiny

Mythology and Destiny

Inbred in countless mythical tales of ancient Greece, Rome and many more civilizations of olde, were stories of the unbending force of destiny – pretty much everything from birth through life and death was dictated by...

Destiny and Religion

What controls destiny? In the ever dynamic religious world, the answer to that question routinely fluctuates between designed by God – manipulated by man and orchestrated in entirety by God.

Destiny in Music

Music and Destiny

What, or more appropriately, who is in charge of the melody of life, who directs the seemingly unbending force that coordinates our journeys and defines our futures? Are we all chess pieces in an elaborate chess game...


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